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At Club P2 VIP rooms are called VIP for a reason. At us VIP doesn't only mean a separate little room. When designing and building our club, we took great care to ensure that everybody to ever receive our VIP services would be all around satisfied.

All four VIP rooms of the club are designed in a way that provides generous amounts of space, comfort and luxury, so anybody who might "end up" here will not leave unsatisfied.

We offer a wide and flexible range of VIP services, which are available from only HUF 10,000.

Our staff would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding our services.

Our VIP room

VIP szoba

All you can drink!

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1051 Budapest Sas u. 9

+36 1 786 77 40


Thursday - Saturday

Lounge: 8pm - 1am, Club: 9pm - 5am