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About us

Palace Lounge & Club is a brand new club even though it has a history of almost two decades. If we're allowed to put it this way, it was the old Palace Club that was moved from the Buda side to the centre of Pest in October 2011, but other than the experience of the owners and managers, we brought nothing with us, everything got renewed. The new Palace got the best of everything and therefore it has become a gem, presiding over the centre of Budapest.

Palace Lounge & Club, as the name suggests, isn't only a nightclub, but on the top level there is a completely separate lounge restaurant as well. Here you can have dinner even if you don't want to visit the club below. It is also available to those who visit us for a work party, a stag night or any other event, or even those who decide to have dinner by them before going for a wild night at the nightclub.

The club part is the level below. Here there are two separable guest areas and 4 awesome and comfy VIP rooms. Just like in our restaurant, the sophisticated interior of the club has also been created by professional designers, there is plush furniture, designer wallpaper and drapes and a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The guest areas in our separate rooms are perfect venues private parties and stag nights, of which we've had about 2-300 only in this season, to the satisfaction of our guests. This room has a separate dance stage, sound system and staff. The 4 VIP rooms are where private dances take place, which can be a sexy, erotic and memorable experience to everyone.

When setting our prices, the most important consideration was that being entertained in Palace Lounge should not be affordable only to a select few. We tried to come up with the best solution that makes it possible to everyone to find the package most suitable for them. Even if you would like to test us only for a couple of hours or if you are planning to spend the whole night with us. We are determined to make our customers come back to us, we would like to turn them into regulars, and to achieve this, besides top notch entertainment, we must offer reasonable prices as well. Our experiences so far show that our ideas were right and, after all, the group events most guests do return to us and the number of Hungarian regulars keeps increasing as well.

Palace Lounge & Club intends to establish a unique business philosophy in Budapest, which makes it possible to everyone to try services that were previously unavailable to them, at affordable prices and in a safe environment. We are convinced that the erotic entertainment scene of Budapest needs some change and we are determined to be the flagship of this change.

Please come and see for yourself that these aren't "only words", choose the offer that suits you the best and come visit us. Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact is via e-mail or telephone.

All you can drink!

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1051 Budapest Sas u. 9

+36 1 786 77 40


Thursday - Saturday

Lounge: 8pm - 1am, Club: 9pm - 5am