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Club P2 is located in the most beautiful area of Budapest, the part that is the most popular among the youth, right next to the Basilica. Our club embodies all the positive changes that have happened in the capital during the past couple of years, turning downtown Budapest into a real success story.

Club P2 is a two storey top club, which is unique in Budapest as it has a trendy Lounge Restaurant, two guest areas and four VIP rooms.

Since it was opened in 2011, our club has reached a commanding position in Budapest nightlife, its aim is to provide quality entertainment at reasonable prices in a sophisticated and safe environment. It would not be immodest to call our short history a success story, as we have held over a hundred high quality stag nights and corporate events in the spring season only. Our completely separable event room and lounge restaurant provide an excellent opportunity for this, where a nice dinner and intimate entertainment can be enjoyed by all groups of friends or colleagues, from Hungary or abroad. This is unique in Budapest nightlife as well, and so is our great voucher system introduced to make sure that erotic entertainment does not remain unaffordable to anyone anymore. It seems impossible to many of our new guests that we provide free unlimited drinks and free entry for only 20 Euros, but trust us, we run our establishment in accordance with a totally new business policy that makes the guests the protagonist. Our vouchers and other package offers have been so popular that over 80% of our customers take advantage of them and leave very satisfied indeed.

Another key to our success is a great and professional staff, which is not only intelligent and carefully selected, they also love what they do. We believe that we can only provide the best possible service in our club if both the waitresses and the dancers work in a good, relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, making sure that the club is not a workplace, but a party place for everyone. Looking back on our history so far it is safe to say that our theory has been proven right, and it is a privilege to work at Club P2, our staff is of excellent quality and the beauty and hospitability of our dancer girls is absolutely unique in Budapest nightlife. So it is no wonder that there are many satisfied and returning customers and no matter where you look for information regarding the club online or otherwise, all reviews and opinions on us are positive.

Our Hungarian customers have a specific role in the life of our club, so therefore, if that's at all possible, they are given extra care. It is no secret that the vast majority of our guests are from abroad, which is possible due to two reasons. One is not even an assumption, but unfortunately a fact that Hungarians have pretty much lost their trust due to many negative experiences they had at places like the ones we keep fighting against. These are clubs that do not follow the high quality and business policy that we do, and have ripped off many customers during the years, causing Hungarians to steer clear from erotic entertainment. Without a doubt we want to and will change this. The other reason why there are only a few Hungarian guests in the clubs of Budapest is prices. For many of our compatriots such entertainment was unaffordable. Well, not anymore! We set our prices in a way to make them more than reasonable. From now on prices can't stop you from a wild night out in our club where free unlimited drinks coupon can cost as little as HUF 5,600 – which, let's face it, is the price of 3 drinks at a regular disco in Budapest. We make no secret of the fact that with this our aim is to entice Hungarians back and to re-earn their trust, lost by the erotic entertainment industry of Budapest because of the abnormal activities of certain other clubs.

All you can drink!

Open bar voucher


1051 Budapest Sas u. 9

+36 1 786 77 40


Thursday - Saturday

Lounge: 8pm - 1am, Club: 9pm - 5am